DBSK, TVXQ, and JYJ Fans: Let’s Make Cassiopeia Great Again! Part 5

Since it seems that I’ve already made some enemies, I might as well continue.

5. Thou Shalt Not Derogate, Disparage, or Dismiss Fans Who Promote DB5K or Always Keep The Faith without a valid reason.

Valid reasons DO NOT include:

  1. Personal aversion to the idea of DBSK coming back together
  2. Personal aversion to the idea of the members of TVXQ and JYJ doing a once-in-a-lifetime event (such as a reunion concert) together
  3. Personal aversion to the image of the members of TVXQ and JYJ standing together on stage
  4. Not believing in things like “reconciliation”, “forgiveness,” “love”, and/or “hope”
  5. Needing TVXQ and JYJ to remain separate so you won’t have to rethink some things

DBSK, TVXQ, and JYJ Fans: Let’s Make Cassiopeia Great Again! Part 2

And the law making continues! Let’s get back to the basics-

2. Thou Shalt Not Derogate, Demean, or Disparage TVXQ without a valid reason.

Valid reasons DO NOT include:

  1. As of 2011, the members in the group are Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin
  2. The fact that Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin walk among us and continue to live and breathe 
  3. Decision of said persons to remain in their current company
  4. Decision of said persons to renew their contracts with their current company
  5. Decision of said persons to not disband TVXQ
  6. Decision of said persons to not change the name of TVXQ
  7. Said persons talking about their hardships in the immediate post-split period on national TV
  8. Said persons vocal capabilities, when said persons have made efforts to improve
  9. Guilt by association,i.e. “I strongly abhor a particular company’s management, practices, and/or policies, so all of the company’s employees must be corrupt.”
  10. The fact that a two-member TVXQ exists
  11. Ignorance based on biased, inaccurate, and/or incomplete reporting

A warning to those who choose to violate this policy:

They will be swiftly called out. In addition, they will not pass go and will not collect $200.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

DBSK, TVXQ, and JYJ Fans: Let’s Make Cassiopeia Great Again! Part 1

Let’s face it-In the year of 2017, a full 7 years after the split, the state of the fandom is in shambles. This series of posts is a list of policies to Make Cassiopeia Great Again. 

Let’s start with the basics.
1. Thou Shalt Not Derogate, Demean, or Disparage JYJ without a valid reason.

Valid reasons DO NOT include:

  1. The members in the group are Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu
  2. The fact that Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu walk among us and continue to live and breathe
  3. Departure of said persons in late 2009-early 2010 from the five-member group TVXQ
  4. Said persons expressing that they miss their former group members
  5. Said persons expressing that they would like to meet their former group members in person
  6. Said persons talking about their continually blocked attempts to perform on public television after their departure from TVXQ
  7. Said persons performing DB5K songs and/or dances in their performances
  8. How said persons choose to spend their money (unless the money is used on something illegal)
  9. Guilt by association, i.e. if one of said persons or an associate of said persons is accused or found guilty of a crime, the two remaining persons or said person must also be guilty of the same crime
  10. Exposure of skin (excluding genital region)
  11. Subjective opinions of said persons “relevancy” in K-pop industry
  12. The fact that an entity known as JYJ exists
  13. Ignorance based on biased, inaccurate, and/or incomplete reporting

A warning to those who choose to violate this policy:

They will be swiftly called out. In addition, violators will not pass go and will not collect $200.

Stay tuned…

    DBSK, TVXQ, and JYJ Fans: Let’s Make Cassiopeia Great Again! Pairing Edition 

    It’s about to get so real right now-
    3. Thou Shalt Not Derogate, Disparage, or Dismiss Those Who Support the Yunjae/Jaeho Couple In Any Form or Fashion, without a valid reason.

    Valid reasons DO NOT include:

    1. Personal aversion to the pairing of Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong, whether romantic, sexual, platonic, or some combination of these three
    2. Personal aversion to the production and distribution of fanfiction, videos, pictures, banners, etc of Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong together in any capacity
    3. Personal aversion to the production and distribution of fanfiction, videos, pictures, banners, etc of Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong together in any capacity AFTER the lawsuit filing
    4. Ground Forces Festival 2015, in which Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong were SCHEDULED to appear at the event by the SOUTH KOREAN MILITARY, NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY OR A YUNJAE FANCLUB
    5. Ground Forces Festival 2015, in which Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong engaged in FRIENDLY, NON-HOSTILE INTERACTIONS with each other of THEIR OWN INITIATIVE
    6. In light of points 4 and 5, Yunjae fans took pictures and videos of these moments and reported on it, WHICH IS WHAT ANY SHIPPER OF ANY PAIRING WOULD DO

    4. The Yunjae/Jaeho policy and clauses 1-3 shall also be applied to the following pairings:

    1. Yoosu/Junchun (Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu)
    2. Homin/Minho (Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin)
    3. Jaechun/Chunjae (Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun)
    4. Jaemin/Minjae (Kim Jaejoong and Shim Changmin)
    5. Minsu (Shim Changmin and Kim Junsu)
    6. Jaesu/Sujae (Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu)
    7. 2U (Jung Yunho and Park Yoochun)
    8. Yoomin (Park Yoochun and Shim Changmin)
    9. Hosu/Suho (Jung Yunho and Kim Junsu)
    10. Yunjaemin (Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, and Shim Changmin)
    11. Jaejoong/Yoochun/Junsu (aka JYJ as a threesome)
    12. OT5
    13. Any combination of Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, and Shim Changmin not previously mentioned

    The following is commentary from The Court:

    The Court understands that some Yunjae shippers can be obnoxious and annoying (holding Yunjae signs at a TVXQ or JYJ concert). However, it is simply illogical to label all Yunjae shippers as such. We are sure that there are obnoxious and annoying shippers of every couple in the DBSK/TVXQ fandom-such is not limited to Yunjae shippers. More importantly, fanfiction and other fruits of the shipper are pure fiction. Even if one or more pairings happens to be true or “real”, that does not mean that writers of other pairings must cease and desist. Therefore, it is illogical to label Yunjae fans as “delusional” because almost all shipping is delusional to some extent. Furthermore, if Yunjae is a “manufactured” pairing, or a pairing that SM created to bring attention and revenue to DBSK and themselves, then the same could be said of HoMin. Before the split, HoMin was a pairing that SM largely ignored, leaving it up to shippers themselves to find moments and develop content.  However, since TVXQ’s comeback in 2011, SM has constantly emphasisized Yunho and Changmin as the pair from antiquity by editing out the members of JYJ from old DBSK footage and insisting that an author not include a couple of sentences about TVXQ originally being a five member group in an intro-to-Kpop book (as well as having said author mysteriously credit pre-2011 albums to only Yunho and Changmin). Therefore when Yunho and Changmin became more comfortable with each other and their situation (“he’s all I ever need” couple dialogue, mutual touching, etc), it did not take long for some to conclude that HoMin was the REAL DBSK couple hidden beneath all the “fake” Yunjae. Broadly speaking, the JYJ threesome is also a manufactured pairing because it did not exist prior to the split, at least not in the form of “we’re suffering together, we’re best friends, and we’re a sexual threesome.” In other words, HoMin post-split and the JYJ threesome are circumstantial pairings.

    In conclusion, The Court views all DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ pairings as valid creations inspired by the members’ love for each other. We find the bickering over whether or not a particular pairing is legitimate as pointless and counterproductive. 

    For Siwon

    To add to the Court’s opinion, while there were some people in the fandom who harbored anti-Yunjae sentiment pre-split, those feelings intensified and spread more rapidly post-split. Before, some people objected to statements like “Yunho and Jaejoong are DEFINITELY dating and having sex!” in favor of “Bromance” and “They’re really good friends/Bros for Lyfe!” Now even Yunjae friendship is a no go. Not only is friendship between Yunho and Jaejoong a no go, but any connection (friendship, meeting behind the scenes, love etc) between the members of TVXQ and JYJ in the present is derided as a near impossibility. I feel that we have now arrived at a place where Yoosu, Jaechun, and HoMin, i.e. the major pairings of JYJ and TVXQ, are automatically granted a higher degree of legitimacy over other combinations between members of both groups (especially Yunjae).

    The reason for these changes in the fandom landscape are due to what I call fandom politics. You notice that all of the pairings I listed (Yoosu, HoMin, Jaechun) are “in-house” pairings. You also notice that Yoosu is the only “traditional” pairing (Yunjae, Yoosu, Minfood or Changmin Forever Alone/Changmin with a Girl) from DBSK left in the current major lineup. This is because Yoosu does not pose a threat to either group like Yunjae does. Why?  Jaejoong.

    Jaejoong’s OT5 sympathies have been the bane of JYJ stans’ existence. They’d like nothing to do with Yunho and Changmin (and by extension SM Entertainment), but JJ expresses his undying love for both of them so consistently that some JYJ stans have thrown in the towel. Their new tactic is to pray for no DBSK reunion (coupled with a “this too shall pass”).  Others use the good ol’e derailment tactic by focusing on the anti-Jaejoong comments made by TVXQ stans.  Of JYJ stans internal criticisms of Jaejoong, “loves OT5” probably makes the top 5.

    However, this is “small potatoes” compared to the danger that Jaejoong poses to TVXQ stans. JJ’s affinity for both OT5 and Yunho means that TVXQ stans have been working overtime to paint him in a bad light. Jaejoong is the corrupt, attention-seeking, and nasty slut that the moral, upright, pure, and outstanding Yunho should stay away from.  Yunho CANNOT be dirtied by Jaejoong, regardless of his personal feelings. And since Yunho is too nice for his own good, TVXQ stans have to protect him from Jaejoong.  When Yunho and Jaejoong met at the Ground Forces Festival in 2015, some blamed Yunho for being too nice, too polite, and too ill to reject Jaejoong’s offer to catch up. If only Yunho were like Changmin, DBSK and TVXQ’s resident Jimmy Firecracker:

    For if Jaejoong can somehow convince Yunho to work with him to make a reunion happen, either TVXQ as a duo will be done for (Changmin sure ain’t going to continue as TVXQ by himself) or lose its pristine sheen. Even if they only share a stage with JYJ for a couple of nights, TVXQ will become dirty (just look at the comparisons that were made between TVXQ and JYJ during Yoochun’s sexual assault scandal).

    Point is, under these frameworks that I have presented here, Yunjae CANNOT happen in any way, shape, or form. Yunjae is the force that destroys all that stans hold dear-purity from JYJ’s supposed moral and career failings, and purity from SME. That is why BOTH JYJ and TVXQ stans  focus their hate on Yunjae- they fear the dirtiness that they perceive each side brings to the table.


    That concludes this post.  But in the words of Wolverine, “I’m…not…finished…yet” with this “How To Make The DBSK, TVXQ, and JYJ Fandom Better” Series.

    Stay tuned…


    “Small Potatoes”: From “If Donald Trump Had Said All The Things You’ve Said He Said” by the Gregory Brothers

    “I’m…not…finished…yet”: From X-Men The Animated Series (1992) Episode 13




    Skip Days

    A Skip Day is a non-holiday day when you decide to not attend one or all of your classes.

    There are three keys to unlocking the magic of the Skip Day.

    Why: You must first figure out why you are skipping class. Valid reasons include sickness, fatigue from staying up all night working on an assignment, family emergencies, death in the family, traveling for a job interview, saving the world (ala Spider-Man and the Sailor Scouts), being grossly unprepared for the class you’re going to skip,  and finishing a major assignment for another class.

    Invalid reasons include


    Mall visits


    Boxing matches (unless you have an athletic scholarship for boxing)




    Clubbing (for those people who have night classes)


    Going to K-pop concerts


    Dating/Spending time with bae


    Getting in touch with nature (unless it’s part of your assignment)


    What: What are you going to do on your Skip Day? (we basically covered this in the Why section).

    When: When are you planning to skip? It’s best not to skip on a test/exam day (READ: DON’T DO IT), but you might be able to get away with skipping a quiz (especially if the teacher drops a few). It can be advantageous to skip the day before a three or four day weekend, but you should check your schedule (i.e. the syllabus) to make sure you won’t be missing anything important, like instructions for a project or writing assignment.

    How: How do you intend to make up the material you missed and stay on pace with the class? Some suggestions:


    Read the will-be-missed material ahead of time (or on time).


    Ask a classmate to take lecture notes for you.

    And there you have it- a Rough Guide to the Skip Day. Now you have all the tools to skip class with the least amount of damage (both to your grade and  your ego).

    Writer Update

    Hello, こにちは,안녕하세요, 你好 fellow readers!


    I know I’ve been a bad blog writer, for I haven’t even a schedule that I follow to post regularly.


    But I’m hitting the books


    and the grad school applications.


    And I’m like


    So by the time that I finally get into the calm, clarity, and peace of mind that I need to write fun things such as these, I’m drained.


    I know that’s no fun for you guys, especially those of you who have been waiting,


    waiting for me to finish the SuJu Guide.

    However, I’m really determined not to let this blog fall off the cliff into the abyss; I’m trying out a system where I attend to this blog a least once a week, even if I don’t finish a post.  I’m a strong believer in chipping things off piece by piece to get things done (and things do need to get done).


    So please don’t hurt me!



    Your Friendly Neighborhood Blog Writer

    Flying Guide to Korea

    This post is brought to you by

    Now that I’m back in the States, I thought I’d share some tips with you on flying to Korea.

    1. If you’re flying in from the US, DO NOT FLY ON UNITED!!! Or any American airline for that matter. If you’re flying from somewhere in Asia and its only a 2-3 hour trip, then feel free if there are no other options available.  Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you why…

    When I first came to Korea, I was kicked off my flight to SFO for no other reason that I was making a connecting flight to Korea; other passengers who were ultimately flying to other foreign countries were kicked off as well.  Sure, they gave me a free upgrade to United Economy Plus (more legroom), but I missed my connecting flight to Korea, and since the dorm was only checking in students from 9-5  and I arrived well past 5, I had to board in a somewhat ratchet hotel nearby that the woman at the Incheon International Airport (인천국제공항) information desk recommended for a night (I’m not blaming her- she probably didn’t know that the hotel was somewhat ratchet).


    Then on my flight back to the US for winter vacation (겨울방학), I was greeted with no screen in my seat on my flight from Tokyo to Chicago (my hometown is not Chicago, it’s in Maryland).


    How the flippy-flip-flip can you survival an international, trans-continental, 9+ hour flight like that WITHOUT A PERSONAL TV SCREEN AT YOUR BECK AND CALL?!!


    The Asian airlines give you a screen even if you’re in economy. Economy.  And ain’t nobody got $2,000 to pay for business or first class.  I thought this was some freak accident, but you know, I flew from San  Francisco to Seoul, in Economy Plus, without a screen.  And I flew from Tokyo to San Francisco without a screen.   So in conclusion:


    2.  Take a direct flight if possible- you won’t have to worry about your other connections if your first flight is delayed, canceled, or if you’re kicked off the flight for no reason. However, if you would like to stop somewhere, make a sufficient gap between flights to minimize headaches.

    3.  If your flight is eight hours or longer, consider purchasing more legroom (applies mostly to American airlines).

    4. Unless you’re rich or a member of a frequent flyer program, do everything in your power to minimize and/or avoid baggage fees.

    5.  If you’re traveling to Korea for a study abroad program, pay close attention to your university dormitory’s hours and days of accepting students. If they say Friday, August 27th and Saturday, August 28th from 9am-5pm, they really mean Friday, August 27th and Saturday, August 28th from 9am-5pm.  Make your flight arrangements accordingly.

    That’s all folks and happy flying!

    IGNITE Soldiers of Light


    안녕하세요여러분! Hello everyone, and this is a public  announcement from your friendly neighborhood blog writer.

    Next Friday and Saturday (June 21st and 22nd), my church 3rd Wave (the same 3rd Wave that Brian Joo, Choi Siwon, and ex-UKiss member Alexander are associated with) is holding a missions conference.  There are 3 reasons why you should attend if you’re in Korea or in the vicinity:

    1) You will get inspired to do great works for the Kingdom of God.  Technically this conference focuses on doing missions work overseas (which is the focus of the church), but there is nothing to say that the lessons learned aren’t applicable in other areas of Christian outreach.

    2) You get to see and listen to people who are gung ho for God. These people carry torches in the marathon for the Kingdom, and they love nothing more than for you to “accidentally” catch  some of the fire.

    3) It’s free.  You can go clubbing on both nights but that will set you back a couple of 민원 for drinks, food, entrance fee, etc.  All that for something that won’t sustain you in the long term. Meanwhile, your life can be changed and/or enriched for the cost of nothing.  And don’t say that any event that costs nothing isn’t worth going to- I know that hundreds flocked to the free K-pop concert in Gangnam last October (and that includes the people who had to watch from across the street at COEX), and that was free.

    The People

    Alexander Lee Eusebio (of UKiss fame)- singer, rapper, host


    Brian Joo (of Fly to the Sky fame)- singer, actor, model


    Lim (of Wonder Girls fame)

    Steven Teo- Pastor, left his post as CEO of Zurich Insurance for Malaysia and Singapore for the ministry


    Brian Ivie-filmaker, director of the acclaimed film “The Drop Box,” a documentary about a South Korean pastor who erected a box outside of his home to save unwanted babies


    Johnny Lee- Pastor and founder of 3rd Wave Church and CEO of 3rd Wave Music, a company that aspires to be the “Hillsong of Asia”


    More info:

    Now some of you are probably wondering if Siwon is coming. Well, the truth is, “I Don’t Know.”  Judging by the Super Show 5 schedule (courtesy of Wikipedia), he could appear as a spectator since he has two shows in Hong Kong on the 15th and 16th and will be free until early July (SS5 Singapore is on the 6th) but he could have other plans (like practices).  But really, don’t come for Siwon. Don’t come for Brian or Alexander or Lim. Come because you love the Lord. Come because you are interested in seeing God’s work in the world.  Come because you don’t know Jesus. Come because you want to do missions. Come because… just come.



    tumblr_lqxvltK1ht1qbpjnmtumblr_lile07IAVe1qg7xnhtumblr_m9cta8HoZi1ruj1zjo2_r1_400 tumblr_m3j6iaEHXi1r9ajt0 tumblr_lvemly1NEF1qcqdsho2_r1_250 54tumblr_lbzhitLcLC1qdisfqo1_4001142447753 tumblr_md5tzgWL2k1rygob2tumblr_lpd2e6ZdM11qap9mb

    It began as a unknown, humble blog that I started to document my study abroad in South Korea, limited to only friends and family.  But then I made it public and the whole world came in (well, at least a part of it)! As a thank you gift to all my faithful blog readers (and those not so faithful), here’s a preview of what’s up next:

    1) I’ve visited almost all of the Super Junior coffee shop/café establishments, and I’m in the process of finishing my write up of the first.

    2) The many of you who viewed the Super Junior Guide may have wondered why I suddenly stopped with Siwon or thought that the first ten just happened to represent my bias list (well it’s not!).  Judging from my surveillance of the ELF fandom, I know that many of you are waiting for Kyuhyun’s day in the sun, and perhaps Henry’s too now that he has a solo album. It’s just that I have less than 2 weeks left before the semester ends in Korea, and with the end of the semester brings forth a cascade of finals and papers.  And let’s not even talk about the GRE next month or brushing up on my Japanese so that I won’t get kicked out of Intermediate on the first day of class. So fear not! The Suju Guide will resume after the SJ Coffee Shop Series (so please be patient).

    3) For those you who are anti-K-pop, I’ll continue what I’ve recently started doing and post non-K-pop related things in between the K-pop posts.

    4)  I’ll be starting a second blog about my life as a returnee either next month or in August.  I will continue to write on this blog as well since I have so many stories.

    5) If you like what you read, don’t be afraid to comment or share on your Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter (even though I’ll soon get one).  However, if you want to translate my posts into another language or share my posts on SJ fandom sites or on the boys’ Twitter pages, please (I’m asking nicely) contact me before you do so that I am aware of it.  A fair number of these posts are about my personal experience, so I don’t want them floating around on unknown sites without my knowledge.  And give me credit.

    That is all and thank you for your support!


    Study Abroad Photo Contest

    Hello all you beautiful people! 안녕하세요다예쁜고아름다운사람! こんにちは全部きれいな人!The University of San Francisco (USF; the college I attend in the US) is putting on a study abroad photo contest for those who studied abroad during the intercession 2012, spring 2012, summer 2012, or fall 2012 semesters.  The prizes: first place winner gets a USF bookstore gift certificate worth $100; second place winner gets one worth $50.  I’m not a patron of the campus bookstore (unless Amazon and fail to deliver on prices or the professor requires us to use some obscure/hard-to- find material), but you bet I’ll pay a visit if I win either of these prizes.

    Which nine (you can submit up to 10) photos did I choose? Take a look below.

    Gwanghwamun, main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Gwanghwamun, main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace

    The Blue House (aka where Lee Geun-hye lives)

    The Blue House (aka where Lee Geun-hye now lives)

    Statues in the Daechi neighborhood of Seoul

    Statues in the Daechi neighborhood of Seoul

    Gravesite of Rev. Theodore Geppert, S.J., founder of Sogang University

    Gravesite of Rev. Theodore Geppert, S.J., founder of Sogang University

    Colorful fall tree leaves near Sogang's front gate

    Colorful fall tree leaves near Sogang’s front gate

    Two kids trying on Joseon Dynasty ceremonial robes near Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Two kids trying on Joseon Dynasty ceremonial robes near Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, part of Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, part of Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Daily Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Gyeongbokgung Palace

    Daily Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Gyeongbokgung Palace

    First snowfall at Sogang

    First snowfall at Sogang

    You may have seen some repeats, but most of these photos are making their first public debut on this blog.  Come on Center for Global Education. One of these babies is good enough to win first place, especially since I’m the first student from USF to step on Sogang’s soil and one of the few courageous souls to bypass China (she has more worldwide fame than Girls’ Generation or Justin Bieber) and Japan (an oldie but goody) on the student’s way to Asia. And I’m an underrepresented minority.  Don’t those things count for diversity points?