Skip Days

A Skip Day is a non-holiday day when you decide to not attend one or all of your classes.

There are three keys to unlocking the magic of the Skip Day.

Why: You must first figure out why you are skipping class. Valid reasons include sickness, fatigue from staying up all night working on an assignment, family emergencies, death in the family, traveling for a job interview, saving the world (ala Spider-Man and the Sailor Scouts), being grossly unprepared for the class you’re going to skip,  and finishing a major assignment for another class.

Invalid reasons include


Mall visits


Boxing matches (unless you have an athletic scholarship for boxing)




Clubbing (for those people who have night classes)


Going to K-pop concerts


Dating/Spending time with bae


Getting in touch with nature (unless it’s part of your assignment)


What: What are you going to do on your Skip Day? (we basically covered this in the Why section).

When: When are you planning to skip? It’s best not to skip on a test/exam day (READ: DON’T DO IT), but you might be able to get away with skipping a quiz (especially if the teacher drops a few). It can be advantageous to skip the day before a three or four day weekend, but you should check your schedule (i.e. the syllabus) to make sure you won’t be missing anything important, like instructions for a project or writing assignment.

How: How do you intend to make up the material you missed and stay on pace with the class? Some suggestions:


Read the will-be-missed material ahead of time (or on time).


Ask a classmate to take lecture notes for you.

And there you have it- a Rough Guide to the Skip Day. Now you have all the tools to skip class with the least amount of damage (both to your grade and  your ego).


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