My HomeBoy Henry

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Henry Lau

Birth Date: October 11, 1989

Job description: Violinist. English interpreter. Lyricist and producer. Currently only in Super Junior M.

First Impressions: Chipmunk; Henry’s Got Talent; Can you hook me up with Justin Bieber? (for those of you who are interested); Why Do Some ELF Hate You?

Aliases: Mochi

The Good: For all you Canadian ELFs out there, Henry gives you hope.  Hope that he’ll tell SM about your presence. Hope that he’ll speak up in SM board meetings about the need for a Super Show in Canada so you won’t have to endure the price of an international airline or Amtrak ticket to New York or Los Angeles (and that’s if SJ even performs at one of those locations during one of their “world” tours).

For the rest of you, Henry’s got chops- violin chops.

In addition to the violin, Henry also plays the piano and guitar.

And here is the requisite Justin Bieber cover, because, you know, he shares the same nationality and teenybopper appeal:

As you might have guessed, Henry has quite the musical talent.  In addition to playing several instruments, he also produces music under the group NoizeBank (tracklist: “Go” and “It’s You” from SJM’s Breakdown album; “1-4-3 (I Love You), “My Everything,” “Ready 2 Love” from Trap;  “Bad Girl”, “Saturday,” “Butterfly,” “You” from Fantastic).

Beyond the music, Henry serves as SJ’s “foreigner” (after Hangeng left) and Western culture expert, who answers any and all questions one may have about North American life (Donghae and Eunhyuk might be frequent clients).

The Bad:  See this section in Zhou Mi’s post for more details. Despite the initial backlash, Henry has recently gained favor with the Korean public after releasing his debut album and appearing on the reality show Real Men.  However, the court received a complaint from Eunhyuk about Henry trying to steal Donghae’s away from him; below is the evidence he submitted.

eunhyuk2 eunhyuk1

We’re still waiting for Henry to file assault charges.

Kyuhyun has also called attention to Henry’s cleansing practices:

henrygif1 henrygif2 henrygif3



P.S. My sister and Henry have the same birthday.

Credits: VP Debate Highlights Songified (schmoyoho on YouTube)


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