Mister Chic: Zhou Mi


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Zhou Mi (周觅)

Birth Date: April 19, 1986

Job description: MC and fashionista. Budding lyricist. Technically only part of Super Junior M.

First Impressions: Fabulous; Diva; Would Petition to Make Shopping an Olympic Sport; Mr. Happy; Gay

Aliases: Gentleman Mimi

The Good: Zhou Mi is Super Junior’s resident ball of sunshine. He’s always flashing his award-winning smile, no matter how hard it gets (and it has gotten hard).

140325-zhou-mi-1 zhoumi77 en1 tumblr_md12cqy3dP1qagz3wo1_500

And on to the fashion show! [Cue catwalk music]

mvc7tsj-iphone icepluscoffee30 tumblr_n7149wIvCK1qhwguzo1_500 2yoy9ly a4qpgmxccae5fey 100041364


These two images sum up Zhou Mi’s relationship with fashion quite nicely:

zhoumim1 zhoumim2

[end catwalk music]

He’s also written a book, though not about fashion (maybe next time?).

In addition to being a fashionista and author, Zhou Mi has also penned the lyrics of quite a few SJM songs, both of the original and translation variety:

2008 (Me): “Love Song,” “Marry U,” “A Man in Love”

2009 (Super Girl): “Confession” and  “You & Me”

2011 (Perfection): “True Love”

2013 (Breakdown): “Go,” “It’s You,” “Tunnel”

2014 (Swing): “Swing” and “Fly High”

The Bad:  Ever since Zhou Mi came on the scene, some ELF waged an “Attack, blame, and defame” campaign against him. Fans fought hard to prevent Zhou Mi and Henry from becoming “official” members of Super Junior, relegating them to subgroup only membership status. Apparently the fight wasn’t over, because fans sent a petition to SM Entertainment when they deemed that Zhou Mi and Henry had over stepped their bounds by singing SJ songs with the main lineup during SS5.

But really, if those people would just let Zhou Mi finish, they’d realize that he has one of the clearest and cleanest voices of all tiiiimmee!





Yo Zhou Mi!


Imma let Hangeng let you finish.


While we’re waiting for Kanye to show up to silence those anti-fans – he’s a busy man, being married and all- this will have to do:




Credits: VP Debate Highlights Songified (schmoyoho on YouTube), kanye West VMA Taylor Swift AUTOTUNE (Youtube)


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