Invisible Man: Kibum

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Kim Kibum (김기범)

Birth Date: August 21, 1987

Job description: Actor. Was a rapper when he participated in SJ’s music activities.

First Impressions: Beautiful Smile; Speak no Evil; MISA (Missing in SuJu Action) since 2008

Aliases: Snow White (Heechul came up with that)

The Good: If anyone remembers Kibum for anything, it’s his trademark smile. Yep.


I did Spiderman, I did; that’s honestly all I remember Kibum for.

The Bad: Before I get started, I just wanted to say that “I’m not a hater, I’m I’m not a hater.”¹


Thanks for the warning Yunho, but I’m gonna say it anyway. And you won’t hurt me- I’m writing about your group after I finish SJ.

“Well what’s made you- what’s got you so mad today?”²


Well, ” ‘cus everybody wants to [act], everybody wants to [act], that’s good- I’ll [watch their dramas/movies/plays to determine how good their skills are, to determine how good their skills are].” But it’s another thing to be in a band where your primary responsibility is to, you know, sing, compose,and/or perform music and wrap it together with a snappy dance and then suddenly disappear from said band into thin air for three years only to re-emerge on the drama circuit.  And then claim that you’re still part of said band but are on “hiatus” so that you can have time to act, which was previously your side job.

In a sentence: “I love Super Junior, I like ELF, and I like you too- but I’m going to go on an indefinite hiatus on SJ activities and act instead.”³

Sorry Sorry folks, but I’m not buying it.


‘Cause let me tell you something – Siwon acts EVERY DAMN DAY and still manages to participate in the vast majority of SJ activities.⁴ And yet “we hear EVERY DAMN DAY” about ELFs predicting that any day now Siwon will play his Kibum Trap Hole Trap Card and disappear into the abyss while we sit at the top, patiently waiting for him to climb back out or keep  throwing him ropes and hope and pray that one of them reaches him.  We hear “EVERY DAMN DAY about the brink of catastrophe” and “how it’s a shame that [Siwon] can’t [just focus on SJ’s activities].” “But the truth is, [he] does, [he] works to get [both] things done-



He acts and does SJ group activities


Those ELFs “can hold [their magnifying glasses] up to [Siwon’s music show and concert absences]. Bringing them into focus. Or they can use their magnifying glasses to [try and find Kibum] and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden [Missing Kibum] Epidemic.”


Siwon works with actors and SJ


We as ELFs just have to realize that “there will always be darkness- sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the Promised Land- it’s just [13 members], just-just [13 members].”* Hangeng left, Super Junior kept it moving. Kibum technically abdicated from the group at about the same time, and Super Junior kept it moving. So why can’t we do the same? If he wants to act instead of sing, LET HIM. If he’s not interested in being in Super Junior anymore, THAT’S OKAY. I’m happy to say that my faith (in both God and SJ) has allowed me to forgive Kibum.¹ I know that forgiveness is not easy, and that some of you are still reeling from my words-

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But you guys know that therapy is next week right?



Credits: KANYE VS. BUSH?!¹, Strut that Ass Song², Debate Highlights Songified³, Sanity Song⁴ (All are schmoyoho on Youtube)

*13 members= Everyone (including Zhou Mi and Henry) without Hangeng (he left the group) and Kibum (he basically did the same)*


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