Banpo Bridge- Rainbow Fountain


This episode of Korea: Sights and Sounds features the famous Banpo Bridge.

The Banpo Bridge is located around Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 3,7,or 9; 3호선,7호선,9호선), exit 8-1, in Seoul’s Seocho-gu (서초구) or Seocho district. Once again, the specific walking directions are way beyond my expertise, so go to the Korea Tourism Organization’s page on Banpo Bridge for more information.

What makes Banpo Bridge unique is its Rainbow Fountain, which gushes out colors along with the water.

PICT0882 PICT0881 PICT0880 PICT0879 PICT0878 PICT0876 PICT0875 PICT0874 PICT0873 PICT0872 PICT0871 PICT0870

And all those shadowy figures? Those are couples- my Korean friend told me that Banpo Bridge is a pretty romantic spot, and that proposals have been made here. So if you have a Korean boyfriend or girlfriend, ask them to bring you here!


That’s all for this episode folks!


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