Writer Update

Hello, こにちは,안녕하세요, 你好 fellow readers!


I know I’ve been a bad blog writer, for I haven’t even a schedule that I follow to post regularly.


But I’m hitting the books


and the grad school applications.


And I’m like


So by the time that I finally get into the calm, clarity, and peace of mind that I need to write fun things such as these, I’m drained.


I know that’s no fun for you guys, especially those of you who have been waiting,


waiting for me to finish the SuJu Guide.

However, I’m really determined not to let this blog fall off the cliff into the abyss; I’m trying out a system where I attend to this blog a least once a week, even if I don’t finish a post.  I’m a strong believer in chipping things off piece by piece to get things done (and things do need to get done).


So please don’t hurt me!



Your Friendly Neighborhood Blog Writer


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