Eunhyuk Tous Les Jours


The final installment of the SJ Coffee Shops series is on the branch of Tous les Jours that is run by Eunhyuk’s mother.

It’s so sad that this series is over, isn’t it?


But I’m sure some of you are like this


because I said that the SuJu Guide will resume after this series is finished.  I know it’s been a while-


It’s been a while.

Anyway, the directions to this café are way over my level of direction explanations, so I’ll just leave you with a detailed map and various modes of transportation.  For those of you who want the bare bones map:

You’ll notice that unlike the other Super Junior cafés which were/are located in happening and/or chic areas (Myeongdong, the area of Hwayang-dong near Konkuk University, Apgujeong),  Eunhyuk’s Tous les Jours is located in a business/industrial district.

The café is also in the running for the title of  ‘Smallest of the Super Junior Cafés’- there is very little indoor sitting space, and one has to wonder if Eunhyuk can even get in the door when he decides to visit. Most of the place is dedicated to the various baked goods on display- bread, cakes, donuts, etc. I like to refer to the place as a kind of pretty sardine can (luckily there was no one there when my friend and I visited).

And of course there is the Eunhyuk shrine in the back


Well it looks like someone was in the midst of fanwriting…


He really is the “World’s Anchovy”- letters from Europe to Asia and the Pacific! (where’s the Africa and Americas representation?)

PICT0903 PICT0905 PICT0906 PICT0907 PICT0908 PICT0909 PICT0915

I have to give an Amen to whoever designed this shrine- they clearly picked flattering pictures of our dear swag leader. So whoever you are-


After we ordered our food, a young lady went to our table and handed us this piece of shameless advertising:

PICT0913 PICT0914

Shameless, I tell you! Shameless!


(The young lady turned out to be Eunhyuk’s cousin; we saw his mom, too.)
Now rolling right along


to the grub.


Strawberry Smoothie

Since Eunhyuk’s favorite flavor is strawberry (he’s addicted to strawberry milk), I was expecting this smoothie to at least be on par with Yesung’s (who likes his strawberries in the form of hair dye).





Hard to swallow


Not up to par

It was thick (and I don’t like thick smoothies) and so it took me a very, very long time to drink it to at least a third of the way down.  The taste was slightly below average- for a visual of what that looks like in comparison with the other smoothies:

Above Average/Mouse Rabbit


Average/Kona Beans


Slightly Below Average/Tous les Jours


If you remember my comments about the Kona Beans’s smoothie, I said that I wouldn’t dock points due to possible production disagreements with the barista (and I did end up drinking most of it anyway); however, I’m afraid that I’ll have to dock points on this one.


Sorry Eunhyuk, but your smoothie has been chopped.


Donghae, I am entitled to my (respectful) opinion.

Red Velvet Cake (in the left of the food picture)

I liked this better than the smoothie, but I could have done without the frosting (don’t like frosting either).


As for the final rating?


Date of visit: June 20 (apparently he did visit later in the day (and his cousin informed us that he might come later), but it was my next to last day in Korea so I didn’t have time to wait on a maybe- I had other places to visit, which you’ll be hearing about later)


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