The FirePit: Eating Pizza with a Spoon


For this episode of The FirePit, we’ll be looking at this unique food find in Seoul: a pizza place where you eat with a spoon.

I admit that I don’t remember much about this restaurant, other than that it has two locations in Gangnam (강남) and both places had lines that stretched for miles.  The important thing, though, is the pizza.



You see, this pizza is no ordinary pizza.


Your eyes aren’t deceiving you- at this restaurant, you eat pizza with a spoon.

Now I’m sure some of you are like


but I can assure you that this method of eating pizza is not as strange as it looks.  However, the pizza has to be made in a special way so as to be scoopable (eating the typically triangular American/Italian pizza with a spoon just wouldn’t cut it).

I also want to bring attention to this place’s idea of a salad:


This salad can only be called what it is: pasta salad.  It’s not just any pasta salad- it’s a spaghetti pasta salad (the spaghetti is underneath the lettuce).  It was actually quite good, perhaps a little oniony and somewhat lacking in dressing (for those of you who like salad dressing to at least touch every ingredient in your salad), but still good.

Now rolling on back to the pizza


With the exception of the ham that somehow made its way in there (I don’t eat beef or pork, and I thought that my friend and I had ordered a cheese pizza), the pizza was very good- it definitely tasted like something that you wouldn’t get in the US.  Don’t get me wrong- it still tasted like a pizza, but a different pizza.

So I hereby recommend this restaurant – whatever it’s called.




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