Mouse Rabbit

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In this episode of SJ Coffee Shops, we will visit the one that belongs to business mogul Yesung and his family.

Unlike Siwon’s (former) café in Myeongdong (명동), Mouse Rabbit is located in a less central and touristy part of town.  Situated near Konkuk University (건국대학교) in southeastern Seoul, Yesung elected for the college population rather than the business or foreign population.

To get there (I’m going to try my best):


Take Line 2 (2 호선) or Line 7 (7호선)to Konkuk University Station (건대입구역) exit 2. When you descend down the stairs out of the station, make an immediate left (do not cross the street).  Go straight until you see a Samsung Mobile store, at which you will turn left into an alley.  It will be up ahead.


Step right on in.

I went on the Saturday before Yesung’s enlistment (for those of you not in the know, South Korea requires all able-bodied men to perform 2 years of military service) and arrived a little after 11 in hopes of avoiding a high fangirl volume, but some fangirls had already taken up residence and more were coming in from all directions.


No vacancies.


Holy sidewinder Batman!

That last picture was taken from my position on the staircase.

While I was waiting for my food, I decided to pass the time by taking photos of the shop.


A cutout of one of the Kim brothers- in Anime Style!

PICT0700 PICT0705 PICT0706 PICT0709 PICT0713 PICT0714 PICT0717 PICT0718


PICT0727 PICT0728

So it seems that Yesung is going for the “Most Artistic Decor” Award (one of the members did say that he was the most artistic).  Bear with me here, as I’m no art critic, but compared to Siwon’s café, the art in Mouse Rabbit felt more cohesive to me, like they all went together under one roof, whereas the art in Twosome Coffee had more of a clean and sophisticated feel to it.

Now this art is all very nice, but what about the food?

Strawberry Smoothie


It was Dante’s Inferno outside so I decided not to order hot chocolate and opted for a strawberry smoothie instead. It was not too thick and not too thin. It was actually quite refreshing, probably because there was some ice in it.

Oreo Cookie Cake


After my heavenly experience with Siwon’s Choi Cookie Cheesecake (CCC), I was eager to try this Oreo cookie cake for comparison purposes. Would this cake rival or surpass the CCC? Would Yesung be able to look Siwon dead in the eye and say


So I bit into it and



nothing happened.  The Oreo cookie cake “left me hanging,” as my dad always said. So it certainly wasn’t this


but neither was it this


(Not trying to undermine those of you who have experienced or know someone who is experiencing cancer)

Instead it was more like a “good attempt, but I’ve had stronger sweets” kind of thing. The cake had a promising start, but then it tripped up somewhere along the way to the finish line. It was like a firework that bursts in the air with stunning flair but then fizzes out after 2 seconds.  For you Nasties out there, its like when you’re having sex, you’re into it and he/she is into it, you’re about to climax – and then someone’s mother/father/sibling/grandparent/boss etc., walks in.

While we’re still on that example…


So I was eating the cake, tasting the sweet Oreo goodness in my mouth, and I was thinking “this is getting good-I wonder what the aftertaste will be like”…


“BUT THEN!!!!!”

I was denied.


So Yesung lost the Sweet Battle but he won the Decor Battle.

Bonus: I think I saw the parents.

Date of visit: May 4


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