IGNITE Soldiers of Light


안녕하세요여러분! Hello everyone, and this is a public  announcement from your friendly neighborhood blog writer.

Next Friday and Saturday (June 21st and 22nd), my church 3rd Wave (the same 3rd Wave that Brian Joo, Choi Siwon, and ex-UKiss member Alexander are associated with) is holding a missions conference.  There are 3 reasons why you should attend if you’re in Korea or in the vicinity:

1) You will get inspired to do great works for the Kingdom of God.  Technically this conference focuses on doing missions work overseas (which is the focus of the church), but there is nothing to say that the lessons learned aren’t applicable in other areas of Christian outreach.

2) You get to see and listen to people who are gung ho for God. These people carry torches in the marathon for the Kingdom, and they love nothing more than for you to “accidentally” catch  some of the fire.

3) It’s free.  You can go clubbing on both nights but that will set you back a couple of 민원 for drinks, food, entrance fee, etc.  All that for something that won’t sustain you in the long term. Meanwhile, your life can be changed and/or enriched for the cost of nothing.  And don’t say that any event that costs nothing isn’t worth going to- I know that hundreds flocked to the free K-pop concert in Gangnam last October (and that includes the people who had to watch from across the street at COEX), and that was free.

The People

Alexander Lee Eusebio (of UKiss fame)- singer, rapper, host


Brian Joo (of Fly to the Sky fame)- singer, actor, model


Lim (of Wonder Girls fame)

Steven Teo- Pastor, left his post as CEO of Zurich Insurance for Malaysia and Singapore for the ministry


Brian Ivie-filmaker, director of the acclaimed film “The Drop Box,” a documentary about a South Korean pastor who erected a box outside of his home to save unwanted babies


Johnny Lee- Pastor and founder of 3rd Wave Church and CEO of 3rd Wave Music, a company that aspires to be the “Hillsong of Asia”


More info: ignite3rdwave.com

Now some of you are probably wondering if Siwon is coming. Well, the truth is, “I Don’t Know.”  Judging by the Super Show 5 schedule (courtesy of Wikipedia), he could appear as a spectator since he has two shows in Hong Kong on the 15th and 16th and will be free until early July (SS5 Singapore is on the 6th) but he could have other plans (like practices).  But really, don’t come for Siwon. Don’t come for Brian or Alexander or Lim. Come because you love the Lord. Come because you are interested in seeing God’s work in the world.  Come because you don’t know Jesus. Come because you want to do missions. Come because… just come.


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