Flower Power: Spring at Sogang

Since I’ve been giving you guys too much to read lately, I’ve decided to give your eyes and brain a break by making this post purely visual.  Around mid to late April, spring came to Seoul via an eruption of flowers around campus.

PICT0579 PICT0581 PICT0583 PICT0585 PICT0588 PICT0589 PICT0590 PICT0591 PICT0592 PICT0593 PICT0595PICT0597 PICT0598 PICT0599 PICT0600 PICT0601 PICT0604 PICT0605 PICT0607 PICT0608 PICT0610 PICT0614 PICT0619 PICT0629 PICT0631 PICT0632 PICT0634 PICT0635


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