Man-Child: Donghae


Lee Donghae (이동해)

Birth Date: October 15, 1986

Job description: Eunhyuk’s Running Mate in dancing. Half of the fantastic Eunhae duo. Trying out acting for a change. Occasional composer and songwriter. Member of Super Junior M. Half of the Donghae & Eunhyuk unit. Enlisted into the military on his birthday (2015).

First Impressions: Everybody Loves Donghae; Boy Next Door; Innocent; Just What EXACTLY is Your Relationship with Eunhyuk?; Gay; Mr. R&B; Romantic; Separation Anxiety; Probably Couldn’t Sleep After Watching Signs; Probably has Ghostbusters’ number on speed dial; Handsome; Perfect; Crybaby; Child

Aliases: Fishy, Kid Hae

The Good: If someone were to ever create a SuJu Bible (electronic or in print), in the Book of Proverbs, among other things, would lie this piece of truth: All ELF’s are having an emotional affair with Donghae. Even if you publicly profess that another member is your favorite, he shares the top spot with Donghae. Everyone loves Donghae. There’s just something about him that prevents you from hating him or even expressing displeasure at his often childish actions (those that do live in the Himalayas for their safety). All you can do is sigh and smile while saying, “Oh, Donghae.” Superjuniorologists are still scratching their heads as the secret of Donghae’s magical attraction remains elusive. While popularity rankings of the Super Junior members are often subjective, it’s clear that Donghae is in the top 5 among Korean and international fans alike. In fact, he was chosen as the Super Junior member that international fans would most like to date (for Donghae’s part, start at 2:53 and stop at 3:59).

Even the unpredictable Heechul names Donghae as his favorite 동생 (dongsaeng younger sibling; in this case, a younger member of the group). It could be said that every ELF has at least two biases: another Super Junior member and Donghae.

Well Donghae certainly needs to be under the protection of his fellow members – he is a sensitive and delicate soul. He’s prone to bursting into tears during arguments. He can’t bear to be by himself. He must have someone to eat with him – or else he won’t eat until someone joins him at the table. He’s needy.

It could be said that Donghae is a five year old boy trapped in a man’s body. Beyond his neediness, Donghae loves to play with the other members (especially Eunhyuk). But you can’t get mad at him (for long) because he’s Donghae. Then there’s his belief in the existence of aliens and ghosts (the author is in agreement on the existence of the latter).

But make no mistake – despite his childish inclinations and boyish good looks, Donghae is definitely man enough for you (primarily directed toward the ladies). He’s mature when he needs to be. A self-professed romantic, his on-stage performances (which often include his partner in crime Eunhyuk) will show you why he’s the “Original Woman Killer” (these vids also highlight Donghae’s dance skills, which most would agree are second only to Eunhyuk’s).

Donghae enhances Super Junior by just being Donghae. The members will always be there to comfort him when he’s crying while talking about his father, who died in 2006 due to cancer and was Donghae’s first fan. They’ll also be there when he’s horsing around and forgive him for any transgressions. Because you can’t hate Lee Donghae.

The Bad:

In summary, when Donghae is driving,


and have your Bible or preferred religious text with you (I’m sure Siwon will lend you a Bible if you request it).

While we’re on the subject of driving, the court slapped Donghae with the repair fee for Siwon’s car after he scratched it while trying to drive into a narrow parking space. Normally the officer would have added a poor driving note to his record, but since Donghae’s poor driving skills are so well noted by the other members, the officer on site felt that the note would be redundant. In 2007, a court officer let him off with a warning after his cursing incident in China (in English he said something like “Oh sh*t, move over f**kers!”) due to mitigating circumstances (the fans formed a Great Wall around him and he couldn’t move).  The officer felt that he didn’t need to go so far as to issue an apology, but he wrote that into his report to the court and they decided to clear him of all charges.  Much of the official reports in English have been erased, but a forum on the topic can be found here.


You are precious, yes you are.




7 thoughts on “Man-Child: Donghae

  1. I must be the strangest ELF alive, because … well. I like Donghae, I really do. I think he’s sweet, and certainly talented, and attractive. Those arms of his, mmmmyes indeed. But while I do have two biases, he does not take up that second shared spot. He’s, like, 7th on my list. He and Eunhyuk kinda swap back and forth (which them being together is at least appropriate) between the 7 and 8 spots depending on the day. Does that make me strange? Am I about to get hated on?

    Well, regardless, I love this blog like the Brits love tea. It’s really well done. I hope you get more time to update in the future, cause I’m totally gonna follow you now.

    • Hi there! And I apologize for not replying to your comment sooner.

      It’s hard for me to rank Donghae separately from Eunhyuk because those two are inseparable! So wherever they are on the SJ bias list, they are listed as “Eunhae” in my mind.

      Thanks for the follow, and hopefully I’ll be able to publish something in a month or so. I’m taking a very demanding summer school course, and have so much that I want to do once I get out and feeding this blog is one of them. So please “don’t leave me.” 🙂

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  3. OMG !! You are so right when you said he’s always in the top spot! I really like Kyuhyun, he’s my favorite one in SuJu, but at the same time I like DongHae too! He’s so cute and adorable !

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