Big Boiii: Shindong


Shin Donghee (신동희)/ Shindong (신동)

Birth Date: September 28, 1985

Job description: Super Junior’s Laugh Machine. One of Super Junior’s main dancers and rappers. Sometime choreographer. Runs a PC cafe. Enlisted in the military on March 24, 2015.

First Impressions: Big Boi; How Did He Get into Super Junior; Super Junior’s Official Jester; Can’t Sing; Likes to Eat; the Prime Motivator during concerts

Aliases: Dongri Dong Dong

The Good: Shindong is perhaps the first idol group member to be overweight instead of underweight (mostly found in female idols, but there are some men that are too skinny as men). He dieted a few times but still clung to his image as Super Junior’s overweight member; fans who struggled in South Korea’s slim body economy became encouraged by Shindong’s fairly constant weight and aspired to be as confident about their weight as he was about his own. However, the idol world being a thin one, he had to somehow deflect attention from his girth. So humor became Shindong’s way into the K-pop World (he actually entered SM by winning a comedy contest).

Shindong soon became known as a gag man, performing humorous skits and parodies on Korean variety shows. When joining forces with other SuJu comedians Eunhyuk, Heechul, and Leeteuk, he becomes part of the superhero quartet SEHL (Super Junior’s Extremely Hilarious Lads), who have descended from the heavens to save humanity from the twin evils of stiffness and seriousness. Shindong also posts jokes coupled with photoshopped images on his Twitter page. He seems to be one of those guys who can find humor in anything and just wants to make people laugh.

Besides generating laughter, Shindong choreographs some of SuJu’s dances along with Eunhyuk. You’d think that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the much much lighter Eunhyuk, but he can definitely hold his own on the dance floor.

The Bad: Some women have been out for Shindong ever since said that he wouldn’t date fat girls and that said girls need to lose weight. When asked why doesn’t that apply to him, he said that it’s okay for him to be fat because he’s a guy. Comments calling Shindong a douche flooded the blogosphere overnight and caused such a controversy that he had to apologize. Just like in Leeteuk’s case, Shindong has a right to state his dating preferences, but he has a lot to work on in the delivery department. Therefore, the officer on site slapped him with a lack of tact ticket.




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