Big Man on Campus: Kangin


Kim Youngwoon (김영운)/ Kangin (강인)

Birth Date: January 17, 1985

Job description: Responsible for causing a fair amount of SuJu’s mischief. Provides his physical strength needed. The first SuJu member to complete his military service.  Discharged from the army on April 16, 2012.

First Impressions: Manly Man; Robust; Hearty; Prone to Violence; The Gatekeeper to all of SuJu’s secrets; Strong

Aliases: Korea’s No. 1 Handsome Guy, Raccoon

The Good: Kangin is a manly man. If he were a non-celebrity, you’d probably find him at home on the living room sofa, kicking back with a tall glass of beer, and watching American football on Sundays. Meanwhile his wife would be in the bedroom folding laundry and thinking of what to make for dinner. He certainly gives off the image of a hearty and robust young man.

But Kangin also is prone to mischief; like his nickname “Raccoon,” he’s always fooling around in someone’s trash. He opens the lid of one of the member’s habits or proclivities and spills it on the ground, leaving the aforementioned member to pick up the contents and put the lid back on it again. The bright side is that Kangin’s fooling around has often resulted in some hilarious Super Junior moments.

The Bad: The court regrets to say that Kangin is no stranger to the police. On September 16, 2009 he got into a bar fight and was charged with assault. When the police took a look at the CCTV footage, they determined that Kangin was acting in self-defense and no charges were filed against him. However that wasn’t the last time the law saw him-he was booked for a drunken hit-and-run the next month. SM canceled all of his Super Junior activities and public appearances. As a form of repentance, Kangin decided to enlist in the military and complete his mandatory two year stint with the hope of “becoming a better man.” He was discharged in April 2012.

Kangin, for being the only Super Junior member thus far to be charged with an actual felony and meeting the police twice within a two month period, you earned the Chief’s Frequent Flier Award. Congratulations, or something.


Welcome Back, Kangin.

Welcome Back, Kangin.


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