Mr. President: Leeteuk


Park Jungsu (박정수)/ Leeteuk (이특)

Birth Date: July 1, 1983

Job description: In civilian life, his full-time job is leading Super Junior; his part-time duties consist of MCing on various Korean variety shows (such as Strong Heart and Star King). Following seven years of faithful and dedicated service as one of the radio DJs on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (Sukira), Leeteuk retired from that aspect of his career on December 4, 2011. As a soldier, he currently leads a squad of men and has received an award for marksmanship.

First Impressions: Dimples!; Master of Verbal Communication; Super Junior’s Rock and Prime Motivator

Aliases: Angel Without Wings, Peter Pan, Teukie

The Good: Leeteuk has said that he wanted to be a politician or diplomat when he was in middle school, and it certainly shows in his speech. When Leeteuk speaks, his words and voice definitely have a calm, presidential vibe free of awkward pauses or too many filler words. While he may be using some sort of formula, the speech at least sounds good.

Leeteuk also deserves much of the credit for leading Super Junior and keeping the group together through multiple hardships. Some people can lead two to five people, but 13? That’s a small office! Multiple personalities and differing backgrounds don’t help either. In addition, circumstances beyond the group’s control, such as the addition of Kyuhyun, multiple car accidents, and especially Hangeng’s lawsuit and subsequent departure could have splintered the group into warring factions or resulted in the disbandment of Super Junior altogether had Leeteuk displayed inadequate or indifferent leadership. It’s obviously clear that Leeteuk’s heart and soul is in Super Junior and that he will be sorely missed during his time away from the entertainment scene.

And then there’s his trademark laugh that should be patented:

The Bad: As my dad always said: “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” Despite being Super Junior’s Great Orator, Leeteuk has had some run-ins with the Gaffe Police: he got a ticket last year for remarking that a member of a girl group needed to “lose some weight,” adding to a previous offense in 2010 when he proclaimed his dislike for larger women because he didn’t think “that they take care of their bodies well” on MBC’s Quiz to Change the World. The officer noted that Mr. Park is entitled to have personal preferences in regards to the women that he is attracted to, but that he still deserved to be slapped with the Lack of Tact ticket.

And now in tribute:


Make us proud Leeteuk.


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