Food and Happenings- Week of Aug. 27th

안녕하세요여러분- Hello everyone! If I had to describe this past week in one word, it would be “stressful”; there’s so many forms to fill out, so many meetings to remember, so many things to keep track of.  I’ve been waking up at 6am every morning on my own and get sleepy around 8 or 9 pm (that’s not supposed to happen! I’m a college student).  I bet you’re wondering how my first week was, so in the spirit of NPR, let’s have a weekly Korea roundup.

Monday, Aug 27th: I really felt homesick and alienated – the community that I had in the States was nowhere to be found … at least not yet.  For breakfast, I had a slice of cheesecake and a Blackberry Izze at a nearby Starbucks (I didn’t like the dorm cafeteria’s menu that day). 

I went with my exchange student friend to the Korean Language Center to inquire about my Korean placement test.  So it turns out that I wasn’t allowed to take the intensive Korean language class and was placed into the evening class, which is held three days a week from 6:30-8:30 pm.  As my sister would say, it’s all good ‘though- at least I’m still going to learn Korean.  So I had to add one more class in order to obtain full time status according to USF, which 12-18 credits.  So now my schedule consists of Intro to Sociology, Intro to Linguistics, Korean, and Backgrounds to English Literature.

For lunch/dinner, I walked to the local Subway down the street to deal with all the new school in a new country stress.  Sure, I was alone but I passed it when I had breakfast with my friend.  I ate in the restaurant and people watched during the evening rush hour.  However, my turkey sandwich was slightly different: the lettuce was fresher and the mayonnaise didn’t have that special Subway taste (sorry Lynnae).

When I was walking back, I spotted an Office Depot (I will admit that I only stopped and lingered because Super Junior’s Bonamana was playing from the loudspeakers.) I noticed that there was a sale on paticular USB product, and then it hit me: I could buy my flash drive here instead of in the campus bookstore and save money! So that instantly became my next stop.

P.S. I used Korean to order my breakfast (specifically the cheesecake) and it worked! My exchange student friend was impressed.

Tuesday, Aug 28th:  So I heard that the typhoon was coming.  It’s just some wind and rain, nothing really serious, right? Bring it on! [insert warrior yell here] Maybe it’s because I was ignorant and taunted the weather, but the wind destroyed my umbrella.  However other parts of the city and country fared worse- Typhoon Bolaven killed at least 18 people (including some Chinese fishermen).  I think I’ll just be quiet now and buy a new umbrella.

Wednesday, Aug 29th: I forgot my dorm card in my room and had to go to the front desk for help.  This may sound like just a nuisance to you, but the dorm has a penalty point system and you get kicked out if you get 100 or more.  I think forgetting your dorm card is a violation, but I’m not going to fret over 10 penalty points.  I’ll just remember not to do it again.

Thursday, Aug 30th: I paid my room and board fee, bringing an end to the sea of forms and things that I have to complete by the end of this week. Also, don’t let kimchi (김치) be the first thing to hit your stomach in the morning. Trust me on this.

Friday, Aug 31st: I bought a new umbrella and an 8 GB USB drive, which doesn’t want to cooperate with me at the moment.  Actually, I bought the drive from the bookstore (it was on sale) and saved more than 1,000 원 (I checked with Office Depot just to be sure).

Tomorrow I’m going on a field trip, so for now… That’s all Folks!


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